Our  Pain Creams combine CBD from Organic Hemp, Strain Specific Terpenes, and Organic Essential Oils. They work together synergistically for immediate and lasting relief. 



 We are so proud to announce that our new CBD Pain Relief Roll-Ons have arrived! They contain the same Essential Oil and Terpene formulas used in our Amazingly Effective Creams.  

These Roll Ons come in 150 mg regular strength and 250 mg Extra Strength.

Stop by and Shop at the Massage and Yoga Center, 3815 Perkiomen Ave. Reading Pa 19606           Shop Hours Tues-Fri 12-6 and Sat 10-2

All Natural Pain Relief and More

We did the research and even some development to offer you the best quality,  the best TASTE, and the best price for CBD oils, edibles, pain creams and terpene tinctures. We bring to you only the best in CBD Products.  The brands we carry are third-party tested for purity and are products of the USA.

We have knowledgeable consultants that can answer questions, provide you with samples, assist you with your purchase and send you home with information to share with your Doctor, Friends and Family.

All products we carry are 99% Pure Organic CBD from Hemp. All products have easy to understand labels.                   

CBD or Cannabidiol is used for a wide variety of reasons.

By itself as an isolated cannabinoid or in combination with other cannabinoids and plant terpenes. 

CBD plus Strain Specific Terpenes adds a synergistic, entourage effect. 

Specific benefits can be achieved by choosing the variety of CBD with Terpenes that best suits you.

 Helpful for




Calms nervous system

General Malaise


Helpful for better Focus

Can also provide better sleep

Improves Immune System


and many, many more reported benefits from customers who supplement daily with CBD.



All  My CBD Remedies products are Organic and Vegan . We also carry products by GREEN ROADS,   CHOICE BOTANICALS, and for Pets, King Kalm. 


CBD CLINIC products are the first to combine  FDA-Approved active ingredients with Cannabidiol (CBD) , a non-psychoactive extract from Charlotte's Web Hemp. This patented cream begins immediately to interrupt and decrease pain signaling so you can experience lasting relief.


All of our products contain CBD made from organically grown hemp.   

 0% THC

Our products contain 0% THC and are legal in all 50 states

 Get relief without any of  the serious side effects of other medications.  Precription pain medicine and even over the counter medications such as Acetaminophen can have serious side effects ranging from minor effects such as nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, itching, rash, and headaches, to serious effects like liver damage and death.  THERE ARE NO KNOWN SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS FROM CBD USE!

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